Thursday, October 2, 2014

Room For One

Photo provided by Margo Roby: Wordgathering

Deep blue sea,
you span out forever.
Taking my breath away.
Every time I see you
it feels like the first time.
First of many times
drift through my mind
as I stare at the cattails 
dancing in the breeze.
A lover's hand leading me
to rockier paths, jagged rocks.
I was not jaded then. 
First day of Autumn, 
coastal flora still lingering, 
like the scent of your coat,
you wrapped around me
while I stood on the rocks,
shaking, snapping photos
so I could recall our first
time here, our smiles, love.
Tranquility and danger,
waves crashing, wind blowing,
I close my eyes, taking it in.
That day you left me standing
in this spot, knelt down, 
hot tears stinging my cold face,
floods through my thoughts.
I hear a splash in the distance,
the sound of clarity, strength.
I've grown weary of loving you.
There's only room for one here. 


Written for a photo prompt on Margo Roby's Wordgathering 

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  1. Ouch and well done. I like that I couldn't tell where the speaker was taking us [even with the title] yet when I read back through the path is there. The poem fits the photograph beautifully but can also stand on its own. Love that final line.


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