Saturday, December 6, 2014

Disturbing Thoughts

Bond of Union, 1956, by M. C. Escher

find it rather disturbing 
outside the world keeps turning
as I sink to my knees, losing faith
in my beliefs, watching my life
unwind, like a bad film, no pause.
close my eyes, still hear you talking.
words come at me like a foreign language
from the tone, i'm glad i don't understand.
thought our lives were wrapped tightly
years of laughter, crying, angry days
held together with a love unbreakable
now i don't know how i can mend us
our love was wear and tear resistant 
in my mind, see now that was unrealistic
unsure of you, rethinking myself
holding the knowledge, we aren't flawless
appears you already knew, accepted it
turning it over a million times, unnerving 
wish I could learn to live with you and I
time won't change my feelings of betrayal
everything i wanted us to be, too jaded
i'm scared to think about what this means
how can the world keep spinning, uncaring?

donetta sifford  12-6-2014

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