Saturday, May 23, 2015

Full Moon and Moonpies

When the world is
spinning for us,
it's electric. 
Sunshine, moonpies, 
late nights.
Full moon,
baby, made the air
buzz with crazy,
are we in love?

donetta sifford 5-23-2015
Grammar Ghoul Press


  1. I like the tempo of this. I want to read it fast. I want to read it several times.

  2. That last line--"are we in love?"--wow! With everything you listed, especially the opening where "it's electric" made me feel like this was a love poem, but that ending being a question puts a whole other spin on this poem for me. It's like a plead for clarification--like, "Here's what we've had, what we've shared--are we in this together?" Well done!


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