Monday, February 1, 2016

Ladies of the Night

Adolphe Valette

What have we done
to the Wild Frontier?
Buildings going up everywhere.
What cost will our great grandchildren pay,
Once we're finished paving the way?
Good ol' days soon forgotten.
They say Jesse Woodson James was a gang leader, a murderous thief.
Ladies of the night were treated like ladies, wearing red lipstick, and a smile.
Now if you give a man an inch, he'll always try to get a mile.

Time changes everything that gets in it's path.
It's the rainy day blues got me feeling sentimental.
I need a hot bath and a little sleep before my thoughts go off the deep,
Should I feel guilt for turning a cold shoulder to feminist debate?
Making a home used to mean more too.
I'll dream of an outlaw with the same point of view, or two.

Written by: Donetta Sifford

for Magpie Tales
 Mag 304


  1. To each their own dear Donetta . Django James unchained

  2. I have days when I want to be alone with nature, and other when I want to be in company of concrete... maybe we need variation


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